Facebook and twitter security ruut.ug uganda

No social media is 100% secure! We have moved from the machine era in the 80's to this era, you can easily dab the information era. With the exciting features embedded in social media, It is easier to share information today. 

We share from our personal life to almost everything in our...

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Make money from facebook, even in Uganda

How to make money using facebook? Yes you got it right, you can make money using facebook. Facebook is a powerful communication tool which can serve a number of income generating activities. It only requires a working brain; of course like that in your head, and patience. If you...

Post date: 5 months 1 week
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your computer will be in your skull(Brains)

Computers have greatly revolutionized. You remember the ENIAC; the first computer to be operated by a single person, back in 1946. Computers then hit the homes in the 1980s.

It wasn't so long that they landed on the laps, then the pocket and now we have them on the wrist...

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Today I bring you yet another eye opening article. Have u ever wondered how Google makes money? How about the way Facebook has managed to become a multi-billion company estimated to $1 trillion as of last year's analysis?

No one pays to join Facebook. Once you have your account with them...

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A sound Digital Transformation strategy is necessary for Component Service Providers (CSPs) to become a Digital Service Provider. To transform an existing environment, it’s often difficult to assimilate, as various processes and systems are interdependent and locked in.

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How to find if someone logged into your computer without permission

Do you want to know who access your computer in your absence ?  this is important because you want to know if something has been done to your computer when you were not around , hackers could have install something in your pc that will give a remote access to your PC and that will be very bad...

Post date: 9 months 2 weeks
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locy ransom

Locky ramsonware is one of the most notorious malware recently

 Locky is ransomware distributed via malicious .doc files attached to spam email messages. Each word document contains scrambled text, which appear to be macros. When users enable macro...

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tor phone

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world and it making sure to stay on that place by making it platform even more secure. The Tor Project, recently, announced the release of a Tor-enabled Android phone prototype with purpose of hardening android security and privacy.


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scammers using google(dot)com to scam Users

Spammer are generating fake traffic to website owner on Google Analytics by using the special character ɢ  , this enabled them to drop a Vote for Trump message in people’s Analytics report

What is a Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a freemium...

Post date: 9 months 4 weeks
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how to install windows 10 app without windows store

Back in November 2014, the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store combined had over 500,000 apps. Then in September 2015, the company updated its Microsoft by the Numbers website with a not-so-round number: “There are 669,000 apps for phones, desktops, and tablets in the Windows Store. Hundreds...

Post date: 11 months 1 week
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how to permanetly delete you facebook account

Most of the time when you want to leave your account and go for another for any reason you have all you do is to deacivate your account,  but what if you want to permanately delete your account to get ride once and for all .

If it okay alright to get rid of it , follow the procedure...

Post date: 11 months 2 weeks
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You Can’t Buy New Windows 7 And 8.1 PCs After This Month

Microsoft’s ]]>support page]]> mentions that Windows 7 Professional, whose retail sales ended on...

Post date: 11 months 2 weeks
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The Long awaited free WiFi in Kampala is finally here, Google has finally launched the free WiFi in Kampala.This will be a great opportunity for some people who don't have mobile data to gain access to there email accounts,office work, study books among others.

Basing on information from...

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So you have a slow internet connection and you want to download an application on app store, It's in Gigabytes maybe a 1GB or higher. And now you just know this is going to take the whole day to download, but what if you download that app with internet download manager, that when this comes in,...

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An experiment done by Daniel Cid,Founder of Sucuri's showed IPv6 being advantageous than IPv4 in terms of security.This experiment was done recently in about a few weeks past to see how long it takes both servers IPv4 and IPv6 to react to different Vpn accounts and via SSH brute force attacks....

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