Emotional Robot ‘Pepper’ Uses Trial And Error To Learning a Child’s Game

Despite from the past, here comes a Robot which was programmed to do functions that humans do.This newly introduced Robot plays simple games in order to improve on its skills.

This Pepper Robot recently learned to place a ball in a cup(Ring and Pin game) in ability to improve on its intelligence and attempts to perform certain tasks that other robots cannot do.

SoftBank's team, the Robot's programmers gave more lessons  and experiment to the Robot with the help of its arm and movement depended on the his 3 multi-directional wheels which enables him to move around freely through 360 degrees at a maximum speed of 3 km/hr.

[AI Lab] Pepper robot learning "ball in a cup" 0:03 / 2:19

It took SoftBank team about 100 tries, and every attempt made the pepper to go on analysis and follow what it used to do and also improve on its ability to respond to the given tasks.

Pepper faced move challenges to place the ball in a cup but after some time of trial and learning, it finally showed some effort and improved attempts thus it was successful in placing the ball in the cup.

Pepper was designed to make his interaction with human beings as natural and intuitive as possible. some of the functions that relates this Robot as Human include the following:

Hearing and Speaking: it has a 4 directional microphone located on its head which enable him to detect sound and also locate the position of the sound and also allow him to identify emotions transmitted by your voice.

Seeing:Pepper has 2D and 3D camera for movement and also recognize emotions on faces of his interlocutors.

Connection: It is connected to the internet that is you can get updated news, weather forecast among others.

Tablet: It uses its tablet to help you make choices.


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