2 Ways New Technology Can Hack any Phone to Explode. Like a Bomb

Phones are gadgets that have been so widely distributed to an extent that they have even become play toys to kids.

We can’t hold back to say that given their importance in communication, they are also seen as a luxury by many as well as potentially maliciously destructive devices to Hackers like in this video In a Previous article, we hard  Sumsung Stoping the sell of it's new Galaxy s7 because of the phones exploding on customers

Phones communicate in different ways by mostly making use of Bluetooth, Infrared, frequencies as well as Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) among a few others. It is these communication capabilities that aide key functionalities to be triggered by phones among those that render them vulnerable to Spyware, Virus attacks among other undesirable Ware.

The idea of wireless radio communications arose in the mid-1800s from the theories of two English physicists, Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell and this was before the German physicist Heinrich Hertz applied  these theories in 1888 to construct a spark-gap transmitter, a device that generated radio waves from an electric spark. Therefore, since then, a lot of progress has been appreciated through different contributors up to this point of time when communication devices are as small as a micro chip.
Today, a large number of Smart Phones are being manufactured with even more complex capabilities including auto access of nearby Networks, use of a range of Apps developed daily, which brings us to an ultimate answer that phones can also be used as bombs.

Bearing in mind the incidence at Hebrew University in July 2002 of how a cell phone device detonated a bomb blast when a phone call from another phone was made.

Lets’ look at how the explosion can be triggered.

  1. Surfing/  Calling while Charging. (Call Bombing)

On average this is something that has at least been done by almost every phone user. Charging puts pressure on the motherboard of the phone and hence using it during charging increases the pressure manifold. This causes the cheap electronic components in some mobiles to explode.

Call Bombing ideally refers to calls or missed calls received from international numbers and so if one receives or calls exceeds a certain amount of given optimum time, the phone will blast. To make it even worse, there is also some Android based smart phones that can cause explosion by exerting  extra pressure on the motherboard during charging.

        2. Hacking into the Phone by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any possible Wireless Connection.

As earlier on mentioned in this article, A cell phone was used during the bombing of Hebrew University in Jerusalem in July 2002. The device was detonated when a modified cell phone received a phone call from another cell phone. The bomb filled with nails and metal, was hidden in a bag left on a table in the crowded room.

Experts say that the cell phone provides the advantage of allowing the bomber to be far away from the explosion. Timing devices such as windup alarm clocks or radio transmitters more frequently used in improvised pipe bombs usually require the perpetrator to be closer.

However this night mare may be soon ending due to the introduction of Apps like SAPER (Sensor Amplified Perception for Explosives Recognition).

In our next Issue, we will be looking at the detail of its functionalities on phones. Stay tuned in!


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