4 Simple Methods To Root Any Android Device, Step by Step Guide

how to root your android device

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative (superuser) permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or OS X.

Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices. Thus, rooting gives the ability (or permission) to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized applications ("apps") that require administrator-level permissions, or perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user. On Android, rooting can also facilitate the complete removal and replacement of the device's operating system, usually with a more recent release of its current operating system.

Reason to root your android device

Freedom, rooting your device gives you freedom to install almost any android application you want , you can install incompatible apps. Rooting your device can help boost your phone’s speed and battery life , this can help you block ads in any application the list keep going on , just think of this like taking control of your phone like you have.

  1. Boost your Phone speed & Battery Life.
  2. Remove Pre installed crap ware like System Apps.
  3. Remove Bloat wares, Apps like Facebook, Chrome Keep sucking your Ram & battery by running in background So, Among the smartphone geek crowd, applications like these are referred to as “bloatware:” they do nothing but bloat the software by existing as unnecessary applications.
  4. Tweak your phone like : Increase Video streaming speed, Increase WiFi Speed, Increase SIM detecting Speed, Increase SD read/write speed.
  5. Most Important & Best part, Install Custom Kernel & Custom ROMS ( I will explain about it in Installing Custom ROM section Custom ROM section )
  6. Finally, Truly Own your Device, Make it appear in the way you want.


  • No data loss process : Your Android phone data like contacts, pictures, video etc will not be affected.
  • Warranty Void : Your Android Device warranty may get void after following the below tutorial.
  • How to Unroot : To unroot your device, Open Kinguser on your device > Settings > Remove Root permission.

1. Root Android device Using Unlock Root:


1: The article should only be tried on an Android device only.

2: You should charge your device to have at least 70% charge with it, this way there will be no Power interruption during the process.

3: You should backup all valuable data’s on your phone, so that there is no data loss during the process.

 4: Disable all Security programs like Antivirus and Firewall from your computer and uninstall the same from your phone, as these security programs generally tend to interrupt the process.

 5: Enable USB Debugging in your Android device from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The option of USB Debugging should be ticked.

Download ]]>Unlock Root Tool]]> from here to your computer.

Here are the steps to unlock your android device with Unlock Root.

 1: First of all, connect your phone to the PC using the original USB cable.

 2: Now, double-click on the “Unlock Root Tool” to run it.

 3: Next, wait until the tool detects your Android device.

 4: If not detected, then choose your device from the list of auto detected devices.

 5: Now, click on the “Root” button to begin the rooting process.

 6: The rooting process will begin and take around 4-5 minutes for successful completion.

 7: When the process has completed, you will be greeted with a message displaying your device has been successfully rooted.

8: Now, reboot your device, and enjoy freedom.

2. Root Android device using Kingo ROOT:

1: Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android smartphone. To enable USB debugging . Go to Settings > Developer Option > USB debugging > Tick  to Enable. Developer Option is Hidden for Android 4.2.2 & Above, to show this option Go to Settings > About phone > Built Number ( Tap on it 7 times until it shows you are now a Developer.)

2:  Download Kingo Root : ]]>Kingo Root App]]>

3: Once you have Installed Kingo Root App in your Windows PC, you will see a windows similar to this.

4: Once your Smartphone is connected successfully to the Computer (Enabling USB Debugging), Kingo Root will Automatically detect your device.

5: Now, Click on ‘Root’ Button to begin the rooting process.

6: Now Kingo Root will Automatically Root your phone and install SuperSU.

3. Root Android device using VRoot:

  1. VRoot Rooting App for PC: ]]>Download]]>.
  2. Install it. Just click Next and Launch it.
  3. Connect your android device and make sure that USB Debugging mode is enabled from Settings – Developer Options.
  4. From VRoot on your PC, click Root.
  5. Wait for the result. If it’s a success, your device will reboot and you can now disconnect your android device from your PC.
  6. Check if you are successfully rooted by downloading and installing ]]>Root Checker]]> app from Play Store.
  7. Done.

4. Root Android device Using Root Genius:

1: Download and Install Root genius for Windows: ]]>Root Genius 3.1.3]]>

 2: Run Root genius Android Root as administrator and connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable. Wait for the drivers to completely load.

3: Enable USB Debugging mode from Settings – Developer options from your android device. Just follow the instructions shown on the Root genius based to your Android version. Carefully read the notifications
before continuing.

4: Click ROOT to begin the rooting process. It could take 2 up to 3 minutes for the
rooting process to be completed. (Don’t unplug the USB cable).

 5: When done, click Finish and it will reboot your phone.

6: Check if you are successfully rooted by downloading and installing ]]>Root Checker]]> app from Play Store or by checking Kinguser App which will get installed automatically after the rooting process.


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