7 Hidden Yet Amazing Features on Facebook that You Won’t Find Easily

5 Hidden Amazing Features on Facebook that You Won’t Find Easily

Since the launch of Facebook in the year 2004, Facebook has since changed a lot and is now the world’s top social networking website. If you are an early adopter of Facebook and have been using it for some time, you must have realized changes as the years have gone by. Today I’ll take you through the most interesting features that have been added or hidden and hard to find by an average user some of which you may not even know exist. While you may know some of these, Chances are that you don’t know them all.

Hidden Messages:

Your Facebook account has that place you find your messages called Inbox. But, that’s not the only place for messages and I assure you there is another inbox and is probably full with messages you haven’t read. This inbox will contain messages from people Facebook doesn’t considered to be your friends and unknown. Think of this as the spam folder in email accounts.

Follow the steps below to find this inbox

  • Click on message icon.
  • Look at the top of the tray. You will see two sections: “Recent” and “Message Requests”
  • What you want is Message requests and so click it.
  • Click on “Filtered Messages” at the bottom of the tray.

And there you found a hidden inbox.

Logging Out of your count Remotely:

So you logged into Facebook in an internet cafe and for some reason you didn’t logout of your account. You can actually logout that computer from home or any other place you are without having access to the internet café’s computer. This works not just on internet café’s computer, but any computer as well as mobile devices

Follow the steps below To Logout of any machine remotely.

  • Go to  ]]>www.facebook.com]]> in your browser.
  • Click the down arrow at the top right and Select Settings
  • Find and click on Security.
  • See Where You’re Logged In.

And no you can simply click the “End activity link” on a place(s) you don’t want to be logged

3. Playing Chess in Messenger App:

Facebook Messenger is one of the best apps to chat with friends. But little do people know that it can also be used to play game between friends.

Follow the steps below To play this Game.

>> Type @fbchess play during a conversation to start a new game. (A board will appear and your opponent is supposed go first).

>> To Select a piece, Using the following keys:

  • K for king
  • Q for queen
  • B for bishop
  • N for knight
  • R for rook
  • P for pawn

To position that piece, type the corresponding letters and numbers.

fbchess on messager.png
For Example, @Fbchess Pd4

4. View Your Relationship Over the Years

This feature if one of the common ones yet still not as easy to get to. The feature allows you to see what you’ve been up to with a particular friend of yours on Facebook over the years.

To use this feature just go to ]]>www.facebook.com/us]]>.

This will display all of the shared and tagged content that includes you both.

5. Save Posts and Links for Viewing Later

You see a pot on Facebook, it looks interesting to read but you don’t have time to read it at that time.at that moment. You can actually Save this post or link to read later.

To do this, just click the down arrow at the top-right of the post you want to save.

Click the Save link in the options displayed and the post will be sent to the post to your Saved folder

The saved folder will then appear on the left sidebar in your account and clicking it will display all the pot and link you saved.

Do you know any other interesting feature I left out? please leave a comment below.

6. Play A Basketball game in messenger


This is an alternative for those who don’t enjoy the chess game.

To start a new game, just send a Basket Ball emoji to a friend you want to play with

Tap the message containing that emoji ill start off game play.

7. Changing Your Account Language to a Cool Style:

This feature if one that may give you some hard time using yourself but later ill become more convenient and most of all, will look cool to have on.

Find language settings at the bottom of Facebook’ website. Instead of changing to a new language, select pirate or upside version of your language.

 While there are many other cool style to choose from, I find those two to be the best ones for me.


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