5 Simple Smartphone Hacks That Can Make You Look Like a Genius

5 Android hacks that will make u a genius

Below is a list of  5 amazing yet simple hacks that will simply make you look like a genius. From the top to bottom, you may chose what best works for you while in my own view, all the following may make some people wonder how your brain works.

1. Switch the phone to airplane mode while charging to make it quick

While in airplane mode, The phone disables almost everything that drains the little power that's available and so in return charges the battery faster.

2. Make your phone's lock screen background  Display your name and emergency contact Details

In Some smart phones, You will have to look for settings to display your contact info on the screen lock just in case the phone gets lost.  While in others, you wont find any trace of this setting. How ever, whether there is a setting for this or not, it definitely would be convenient to display your emergency contact Details. The simplest way to do this is by using an app like notes or paint to write, then take a screenshot. You may as well design it with any Image edit app on your phone. And now you can set it as the Screen lock Background.

3. Switch your phone into Air plane mode for a second and Out to get a better Signal

If you are having a poor signal, switching your phone into airplane mode for one or two seconds will  make your smartphone connect to the nearest Cell tower as soon as you turn it back off.

4. Place your phone in/on a large object to better the sound output.

This can be a Large Cup, bawl or just any thing with some kind of a depression in it. The sound will be amplified according to the object and whether it has been placed on or inside the object.
The Phone will produce a stereo like sound if placed in/on a small object while a loud base like sound should be produced when placed in/on a Big object.

5. Give your Earphone tips different colors to easily tell Left from Right

Earphones can be a little confusing to identify with the small letter (L) and (R) labeled on each to mean Left and Right, If you have 2 earphones and want to identify each easily, Just remove and exchange each for the other.

Do you have any other Smartphone Hacks That can make life easier, Please share with us in the Comment box below.


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