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A sound Digital Transformation strategy is necessary for Component Service Providers (CSPs) to become a Digital Service Provider. To transform an existing environment, it’s often difficult to assimilate, as various processes and systems are interdependent and locked in.

  • How can you realize user experience with agile integration and guarantee telecom grade reliability and availability?

  • How do we achieve successful transformation and improve business efficiency?

  • How can we enable an efficient Software Defined Networking(SDN) /Network Function Virtualization(NFV) ready DC ecosystem towards a smooth migration of your heterogeneous platforms?

  • How to re-architect an ICT infrastructure optimized for Digital Operation?

  • How do we align with Mult-ivendor and Open Source traction of the industry?

The success of transformation will largely depend upon its ability to have a well thought out plan and to take charge of the change, resolve issues effectively, ensuring performance and continuity of business service while realizing the benefits. To help Component Service Providers (CSP's) in their journey to pursue these priorities and successfully address these barriers, Huawei – through its continuous investments in Cloud Open Labs – enables creation of the new network: integrated services that are either uniquely possible or significantly enhanced by programmable network virtualization and the adoption of cloud business practices.

Digital transformation has been widely recognized in the industry as a necessity. Huawei advocates the All Cloud Strategy, aiming to build efficient networks and develop agile advantages to help operators provide their end users with a Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do It Yourself (DIY), and Social (ROADS) experience. Huawei's Cloud Open Labs will establish an industry ecosystem and support open collaboration, allowing operators, industry organizations and partners to jointly address the challenges of digital transformation.

Huawei's Cloud Open Labs will also support Huawei's All Cloud Strategy. Huawei Global Technical Service will continuously increase investment in consulting and system integration in an effort to enable operators to tap into unlimited opportunities in the trillion-dollar digital market."

Huawei has connected its four open labs and built a unified digital operations platform to support operators' network evolution and operations transformation. These open labs include the Global Network Evolution and Experience Center (GNEEC), the NFV Open Lab, the SDN Open Lab, and the DC Open Lab.

These Cloud Open Labs enable Huawei to innovate solutions jointly with operators, industry organizations, and partners, and achieve mutual certification and authorization together with partners. So far, the labs have worked with over 40 partners for solution integration and verification.

They have also completed pre-verification for over 550 projects, and pursued joint innovation in conjunction with Wind River, VMware, Red Hat, and Accenture.


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