Facebook and Google are Selling your Data!


Today I bring you yet another eye opening article. Have u ever wondered how Google makes money? How about the way Facebook has managed to become a multi-billion company estimated to $1 trillion as of last year's analysis?

No one pays to join Facebook. Once you have your account with them, u are free to socialize with any one at no cost! In fact that's were it gets its name from; social media. But, is it really a social media? The answer may be yes or no. I will tell u why. Facebook is using your social behavior for it's advertising business. This is the very way google makes money too. 

Google analyzes your interests in its search engines. It knows the kind of videos you watch using it's YouTube and the kind of messages you send and receive via their electronic mail service (gmail).  This makes Google to know the kind of person you are. Let me tell you how knowing you is important to them. 

Like Facebook, Google also has its Main source of income from advertisements, call them ads. 

The kind of ads u see during your search and when u visit YouTube and other Google owned services are the ones that suite your personnel after the analysis made my Google's AI systems. Companies reach Google so as to have their ads ran.  Google already knows which type of ad will be liked by which person. This is how they are selling data about you. 

Every like u make on a Facebook page is valued between 5 cents to 5 USD for the page administrator depending on which audience is targeted. Companies like Ford believe that if you like there page, you are most likely to like their brand. Sometime Samsung bought the Facebook login page to advertise it's Galaxy S3 smartphone. By giving your feedback to Facebook, you are letting them know you more and that will determine the kind of pages that will be presented to you for liking. The photos you share, your posts and your messages, all serve the same importance; knowing you more. 

This way, your data is indirectly sold to the advertisers. You are becoming a product to Google and Facebook. After showing you their ads, they want one more thing from you. You should take a positive action on seeing the ad. They are only paid when you click on the ad or watch the video ad or filling out a certain form. If you don't submit positively to the ad, you are making them lose money; which is a very rare case.

This is why there are no free things on Earth. When you don't pay for a product, high chances are, u may be the product yourself.


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