Facebook Now has a Library of Profile Picture Frames for you to Choose From

Facebook Frame

Facebook Added a feature on its platform that provided users to temporarily change their profile pictures in support of a case. That was last year, This year Facebook has taken it a step farther by actually making a library for users to choose from.

The library at the moment is all populated with hundreds of Sports and games picture frames for users to show support to their favorite teams and a few other frames for social media campaigns and movies which currently has only two Star Wars frames. A drop down menu helps navigate a list of categories like NBA, EURO 2016, Motorcycle Racing. NCAA Football, Premier League, Tennis, Movies etc.

To choose your own picture frame, all you have to do is go to ]]>www.facebook.com/profilepicframes]]> and browse for your favorite profile picture frame using the drop down menu.

While choosing your frame, Facebook offers an option to switch back the original profile picture after a given amount of time from one hour, one day to one week, or never.


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