Hacking School:This Country has Created Its Own Hacker Accademy

Den Marks New Hacker Accademy

The National intelligence agency of Denmark called PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste) has made out a plan it's calling the “Hacker Academy”. This has been put in place to train black hat hackers for offensive and defensive purposes. The root cause being the need for an army to fight the country's cyber ware fare.

The PET hacker academy school is set to start August 1, 2016 and already has a curriculum as you may call it for the first 4 and a half moth as modules.

  • First: A basic module on network, IT infrastructure, and advanced security
  • Then: A module dedicated to the defensive hacking
  • And lastly: One will teach participants about offensive hacking techniques

The candidates will then be enrolled in PET’s Computer Network Exploitation team which hasn't been disclosed yet.
PET is keeping the physical location of the school a secret but  the offensive and defensive hacking training will be done in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen.

Getting into Denmark’s hacker academy may not come easy as PET will recruit a few hackers per year and applicants will have to go through a high-quality test at the Royal Danish Navy’s commando corps.

Unlike other countries where a cyber army is all a secret and doesn't exist on the surface, Denmark’s Hacker Academy is the first of it's kind. PET has even gone ahead to published an official announcement on its website, and even launching a media campaign.


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