Here is A Simple But Effective Linux Trojan A Russian Cyber Spy group uses

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Fysbis is a Trojan program capable of installing it's own self to a victim's system with or without root privileges.

As a cyber-espionage tool, Fysbis has been adopted by a  Russian group of cyber-espionage originally known as Pawn Storm.

The Pawn Storm attacker group, also known as APT28, Sofacy or Sednit, Has been in play since early 2007 and has targeted governmental, security and military organizations from since.

NATO member countries, Defense contractors Media organizations and Ukrainian political activists have been the main target of the group over the years.

The group is mostly known for using infection techniques like spear-phishing emails with malicious attachments and most commonly "zero-day exploits"  for previously unknown vulnerabilities. A Windows backdoor program called Sednit as well as malware programs for Mac OS X, Linux and mobile operating systems are the common attach method for this group

According to researchers from security firm Palo Alto Networks. The tool this group uses (Fysbis) has a modular architecture that allows modification of  its functionality as needed by the attackers through plug-ins that get pushed down to individual victim computers without necessarily having highly privileged access to the system.

Fysbis was primarily designed for data theft so it doesn’t necessarily need to gain total control over the whole system,

When in play, Fysbis can still potentially sensitive documents, Spying on Web browsing History among others.

In a Recent ]]>Blog post]]>, The Palo Alto researchers said: “Fysbis can install itself to a victim system with or without root privileges, This increases the options available to an adversary when it comes to selecting accounts for installation.”

He also added:  “Despite the lingering belief (and false sense of security) that Linux inherently yields higher degrees of protection from malicious actors, Linux malware and vulnerabilities do exist and are in use by advanced adversaries,”.


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