How to Download Windows 8,8.1 and 10 App with IDM & Install without Windows Store

how to install windows 10 app without windows store

Back in November 2014, the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store combined had over 500,000 apps. Then in September 2015, the company updated its Microsoft by the Numbers website with a not-so-round number: “There are 669,000 apps for phones, desktops, and tablets in the Windows Store. Hundreds more are added every day.

There is this problem with windows when it come to downloading app form the store  it some how get a pending problem . So what it does is that it stop the download and stays on pending and that all it won’t download anymore and there you won’t be able to install that favourite game you wanted from the store . That all even though you try next time it will do the same thing. But it over now for knowledge is power .

How to download windows app with IDM (internet download manager).

Before we go on we are going to need to following tools

Note: the process am about to demonstrate is the same in all windows version in this case windows 8,8.1 and 10.

Now after downloading these tools you are now ready to do the magic.

  1. Go to the windows store by opening the store app and locate the app you want to download. In my case am going to download an app called Modern combat 5 . It size is 909.74MB

2.When you get to the app you want to install just do as usual, click on it and click on the Free button to get download started .

3.When the download has started now we need to transfer the download to IDM in order to not only increase the download speed but also to install it manually and save the copy of it for the future 4.use to stop you from downloading it again next time

5.Now this is where Fiddler comes in. open fiddler that you install on the first step step and click yes if prompt .

6.Click on on WinConfig and click yes to the prompt window. 

7.When the appContainer Exemption Utility open just click on Exempt all and click on save all

8.Now close the appContainer Exemption Utility window.

9.In the fiddler windows locate your download by targeting the files with the green down facing arrow you right on one and choose copy and then click on just URLThe ul

URL of the download has been copied on the clipboard now go ahead and open IDM choose Add URL and then past the URL U just copied and click okay and the download will be generated and there you go . Just let it download now. once on this stage u can now go stop the download in the store.

How to install a windows app manually

1.When the download is complete, now it time to install the app . You can just double click the app and it will start installing and that all just like any windows software.


2.The second way to install this app in case there something wrong with your installer is to use the Windows PowerShell . Here is how . Open the the PowerShell as administrator

3.Now type in the Windows PowerShell the following command exactly as they are shown here . add-appxpackage D:\      the drive D:\ is where I put my app so you also put the drive where you put yours.  make sure you put it somewhere where it will be easy to find. me I prefer putting mine in an empty flash drive,  there it will be easy to be found .

4.After you have specified your location in this case the drive letter .  now it time to specify the name of the app , now you can’t type the whole name of the app because it just too longso in this case you need to press the  Tab

When you get to it just press Enter on your keyboard and it will start installing it . Wait for it to finish and Enjoy.

Here is a video for easy understanding .





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