How to make money using Facebook

Make money from facebook, even in Uganda

How to make money using facebook? Yes you got it right, you can make money using facebook. Facebook is a powerful communication tool which can serve a number of income generating activities. It only requires a working brain; of course like that in your head, and patience. If you have that, then you are very near to getting money or even rich off facebook without even moving away from your home. 

In this publication, I am going to explain the two ways that stand out. The very first one is an activity called Bug Bounty. This sounds complex, but not at all. As I said earlier, a working brain and patience. The second one is being an Affiliate who makes use of your facebook profile and page(if you have any).I will explain this later, let's get to the first one. 

Bug Bounty is a deal offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs especially those that can lead to exploitation of the users of the site or software. With facebook, this program was launched back in 2011. The program has no maximum pay for a bug discovered, instead the payment sum depends on the severity of the disclosed vulnerability. This means you can earn over a million dollars in a single bounty. The minimum amount paid by Facebook for any bounty is $500 USD. In 5 years, from the launch of this program, facebook had paid out $5 million dollars out of 900 bugs disclosed! That's a big number of bugs, and there are still more! 

As I said, it's not complex as it sounds. And there are a number of facebook products(inclusive of instagram and whatsApp)  all potentially having bugs even after facebook having very experienced engineers. 

In 2016, facebook rewarded a 10-year-old with $10,000 USD;  that is approximately UGX 35 million shillings as of the current exchange rate. This much was for finding a security flaw in instagram security. This boy from Finland known as Jani uncovered a flaw that allowed him to delete any written content on the social media platform by altering the code. 

"Would have been able to eliminate anyone, even Justin Bieber,

the wonder kid told ]]>Finnish publication Iltalehti]]>.

As an aspiring security expert, Jani sent his discovery to Facebook via email. He verified his report by deleting a comment the company posted on a test account. The bug was resolved at the end of February 2016. In March 2016, the tech giant informed Jani of the fix and gave him his monetary reward.

Jani is not the only one who has been rewarded by facebook, Arun Sureshkumar earned $16,000 USD for uncovering a vulnerability in Facebook Business Manager that would’ve allowed anyone to capture or delete any page on Facebook. Another one is Anand Prakash who stumbled on a major flaw in Facebook's account security. When an account's password is reset, Facebook sends a 6-digit PIN to the user's phone, using that PIN as a temporary password while the account's password is reset. But while Facebook normally cuts you off after ten or twelve bad guesses, Prakash noticed those protections were missing on, where developers often deploy new features that aren't ready for He immediately got paid $15,000 USD after disclosing the above to Facebook.

You may be the one paid for the next Facebook Bug bounty. Get to work! Where you can begin from, one developer named “phwd” decided to publish ]]>a guide that can help]]> steer penetration testers in the right direction. In the resource, phwd lists a series of Facebook-related websites, explains their functions and describes what types of flaw researchers should look out for while probing those domains.

Note; Bug bounty programs are even available for other sites other than facebook. Including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and many more. Don't limit your chances! 

Another yet money making possibility is being an Affiliate. An Affiliate is a person or small organization officially attached to a big organization. What you are going to do here using Facebook is Affiliate Marketing. Organizations with Affiliate programs reward their affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to the organization through the Affiliate's effort. 

You do not have to move away from home. All you need to do is to register with such organizations as an Affiliate. They will provide you with instructions to get started. 

With eBay; this I have done myself, a unique link attached to your account is provided for each product you wish to advertise. Once a customer is redirected to eBay through your link and they make any purchase, a certain commission is accredited to your account.

This money grows to sound dollars equivalent to your effort. It can be withdrawn at the end of the month using an international money transfer service mainly PayPal. It's that simple, do-able even with a facebook page having a good profile. Wish you luck as you start making money off Facebook! 


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