How to Turn off Almost any Smartphone Remotely. Just use this Crazy Simple Trick

remotely turn off an android device with an sms

In this article, We;'ll lean a simple way to shutdown any smartphone or tablet, we are going to be using Android in particular with this cool app and sms functionality.

By sending a simple SMS on your device. I can’t begin to tell you how much the ability to remotely shutdown a smartphone can come in handy. It's really something great that is worth the time..

With out wasting any more time, lets dive right into it.Follow the bellow steps.

Here are the Steps that you need to follow in Order To Remotely Turn Off Any Android Smartphone/Tablet By Sending SMS

Before we go on with the configurations I need to make something clear first, and that is the app we are about to install works only on Rooted Android Smartphones and tablets. With that being said let go on with the installation

1.The first thing first is to go and download the application that’s going to make this possible the application is called Remote Power Off zip file  it a zip file , download it in to your computer and use Winrar to open it and open the folder System and inside System there is another folder called app open it and inside this folder you will find RemotePowerOff-v1.2.apk.


  1.  Then the second step to do is to transfer that APK file in to your phone.  Now in android device it enable by default to not install applications from unknown source, so you are going to need to go and change it  that to start accepting installing applications from unknown source
  2. Now after you have finished to perform the above steps, then it time to install this app on your Android smartphone or tablet install it and follow the onscreen instructions.


4.First, type the current password that is null and then type the new password and confirm it again by clicking on change secret code.

5.Grant this app superuser permission by going to superuser app.

6.It’s done. You now just need to send the secret code as a SMS to your Android smartphone/tablet when you want to remotely shut it down.

By following the above steps, you can send a secret code and easily turn off your device without touching it, or without being near to your Android smartphone/tablet and also without using the Internet.


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