IPv4 Server Hacked In 12 Minutes While IPv6 Server Remained Intact

An experiment done by Daniel Cid,Founder of Sucuri's showed IPv6 being advantageous than IPv4 in terms of security.This experiment was done recently in about a few weeks past to see how long it takes both servers IPv4 and IPv6 to react to different Vpn accounts and via SSH brute force attacks.

Cid carried out this experiment this month when he set up about ten servers and left their SSH ports open to external connections. He tried out five servers on both the IPv4 addresses and the IPv6 addresses set to a root password(password). Basing on results got from Cid, it stated that IPv4 was hacked within 12 minutes while the other four servers followed and this hacking lasted for 20 seconds to brute-force the SSH root account.

On the other hand,IPv6 had good results and and Cid stated how uneasy to map or tress the range of IPv6 addresses than the IPv4 adresses.

Hacked servers used for DDoS attacks.

Scanned lists of IPv4 addresses can be found on the internet and also IP ranges of different Hosting providers suitable for hacking the IPv4 server.

Digital Ocean detected the massive 800+ Mbps SYN packet flood originating from the five hacked servers, and intervened to shut down the server

The major reason for this experiment was to witness about how disadvantagous to change the root password any Sever.


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