KickassTorrent back in the game of Piracy? Here are the new links

Kick ass torrents comes back

Just a few weeks ago, the popular torrent site KickassTorrents (KAT), was shut down and the owner arrested. This action however seams not to have stopped hope of another site just like the previous Kickass Torrents  website

About 2 days ago we got a link (]]>]]>) sent to our email. This was a few hours after writing about the hope of another KAT. This link went to a site that looked just like the previous website of Kickass Torrents and made it look like it's the official replacement of the previous domain, after some research, we got to know of other links like & . These also did the  exact same thing as and seamed  like carbon copies of the first one. At this moment we didn't know what to make of this. We later found our selves on a redit discussion and found that a bigger number of users on redit didn't believe these websites ware actually kickass but rather proxies of a mirrored Kickasss torrents website before the site was taken down. we think so too, but some people already think the site is up again including some media houses and tech journals. Whether the site is real or not, we may never be sure unless we have enough evidence to back it up.

We found high chances that these are all honey pots (Fake) and are directed to make money from un suspecting visitors via ad revenue. we say this because of several evidences presented by redit users and our own testing of these sites. This is because the site looks don't match the site functionality. for example, there is a login and sign up button but none of them actually does as say's, Torrent download links send u to other sites rather than download a torrent file, The time stamp is always wrong and if you browse the latest torrents on the site, torrents here all have the age of today but none is really new. these among many others is why we believe these sites are fake and who ever is behind them is just a scam. If you got more information or a different opinion about this, Please let us know in the comment section below.and remember to Share if you loved Kickass Torrents

KickassTorrents has a total value of $54 million and generates $12.5 Million - $22.3Million


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