Meet Tor Phone, The Super-secure Version of Android

tor phone

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world and it making sure to stay on that place by making it platform even more secure. The Tor Project, recently, announced the release of a Tor-enabled Android phone prototype with purpose of hardening android security and privacy.

Tor Phone, it a new phone that has been designed by Tor developer Mike Perry. It’s based on Copperhead OS, an Android distribution that comes with multiple security enhancement. In the past, Google’s Android security team has accepted many Copperhead patches in their Android code base.


Copperhead is also the only Android ROM that supports verified boot, which prevents exploits from modifying the boot, system, recovery, and vendor device partitions,” Perry explains.

To make the security even tighter Tor phone also uses OrWall, OrWall is firewall configurator for Android : it allows you to set up your device in order to force apps through Orbot. A way to prevent unwanted network access: only the apps you select access the Net through Orbot. With this you have complete control of your smartphone. You can choose which app needs to have its traffic encrypted by Tor.

Only the Nexus and Pixel lines are supported, Tor has said that the current prototype has many unfinished pieces. In future, the project wishes to add more device support, MicroG support, Netfilter API, reducibility, Orbot stability etc.


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