The Real Truth: Airtel Has Been Hacked OR Not

When it comes to a Hacking-Geek, Hacking is just an Interesting Game not a Great Job!. With this in mind, The Telecommunication Services is an Online Implementation based cross platform, Systems can always be easily vandalized, crushed down or Bugged which many atimes results into sending anonymous messages to the user(s)! It’s not something a hacker can do in a few seconds but won’t take a life time either!

If you happen to be an Airtel user, by now you may have received a message that almost stopped your breathe and heartbeat for a second (If not a full minute)

Whether we are to call It a ‘Voting Period Compensation’ , Courtesy of the UCC’s Official Shut down of social Media,  A gift from Airtel Or may be a hacked gift from Anonymous?. We are yet to find out.

In a message that  ran across Airtel Uganda’s Social Media Platforms about 2 days ago talking about the 400 WTF MBs Airtel wrote:

“#Airtees We made it, you made it! here’s our way of saying cheers to the 500,000 likes on Facebook. And the best part is, we’ve got something for everyone!

You-all have received Free WTF 400MBs valid for 7 days and have received an SMS notification on the same, and If you haven’t, kindly be patient with us for you will receive the MBs today and for some tomorrow”

This comes shortly after Airtel Uganda promised a freebie of a whooping 400MBs WTF (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook) all courtesy of having hit a jackpot of 500,000 likes for its Facebook fam.

With this message "You have subscribed to Weekly WTF 400MB. To check your volume dial *175*4#".

Popping up in many subscriber phones at the same moment in time, Even those that have no idea about the internet got it. Rumers surfaced in some communities and online groups that Airtel Was hacked and hence the spread of the message.

On an attempt to request the real reason Why Airtel is sending the Free Data, one of our writers

@ElitPeter Called the Customer care helpline at 100, In this conversation, The lady he talks to says its only a compensation for the Social Media Shutdown during election period.

@Elitpeter goes ahead to find out more from Airtel’s Facebook page where he writes to Airtel requesting for clarity but All they could replay was:

“Kindly be patient with us for you will receive the MBs today and for some tomorrow”

And couldn't answer any other questions

Now, There seems to be a lot of drama as to why exactly this is happening and why some people haven't got this Data nor the notification it self. Even after 2 days now clicking into the third day.

“Why didn't you send me the MBs yet you sent to all Airtees is it because I used the VPN during the voting time when social media was blocked?”  a client posted on one of the Airtel customer care Platforms. Funny! Right?

OK. Hacked or not, This came so sudden and was so un organized in a lot of ways. I think it would have been good practice if a simple message was sent to alart a subscriber about this a day or an hour before just subscribing a data bundle for them out of no where: “You have subscribed to Weekly WTF 400MB. To check your volume dial *175*4#”

Seriously if Airtel was really into compensating us, They would just compensate people that hard a bundle active before the social media shutdown. Surely Airtel can do better than this.

Hopefully this was done by the good will of Airtel, rather than a cover up of already damaged goods.

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