Warning: A new Locky Ransomware is spreading through JPG Images on social media, Facebook and linkedIn

locy ransom

Locky ramsonware is one of the most notorious malware recently

 Locky is ransomware distributed via malicious .doc files attached to spam email messages. Each word document contains scrambled text, which appear to be macros. When users enable macro settings in the Word program, an executable file (the ransomware) is downloaded. Various files are then encrypted.

Hackers were using Facebook Messenger to spread the ramsonware using SVG files and now according to the security researchers have identified that hackers are now using the .JPG images to distribute harmful code of Locky Ramsonware using social media platform like Facebook and LinkedIn

It has been reported that hackers have found a way to infect or imbed code on a image file with ramsonware, so when a user download an infected image file it will infect the user machine and encrypt the user’s data and probably ask the user to pay money for the decryption of the encrypted  data .

Here is how it encrypt data

After you have download the image file on your computer you will want to open it for what ever reason , when you open it , that is when the script inside the image run and encrypt you data and ask you to pay for the decryption.

How to prevent this attack ?

  • Stop downloading image file  and Just in case you’ve downloaded this file, don’t open it. Why would you want to download it anyway, you can just use the view image feature on social media to view the image without downloading it.
  • Don’t open images with unusual extensions like SVG, JS, or HTA.
  • Be safe.


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