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Post date: Wed, 01/27/2016 - 04:27

The ALT key on a starndard keyboard can help you access characters that are not openly available for input on the keyboard.

These codes can be mathematical equations, foreign languages, or just fun symbols to your messages.

In this Tutorial, You will learn how to insert symbols like ƒ¢♣ using the alt key and the numpad

Follow the steps as below:

1. Press and hold the Alt key.
2. Type the code of the symbol you want in the numpad
3.  Release Alt key
Note:  The numbers on the top will not work

       :  Make sure "Numpad is on" and the numpad light is lighting

Sample  alt key codes:

Alt + 0153 = ™
Alt + 02222 = ®
Alt + 3 = ♥
Alt + 0223 = ß
Alt + 668 = £
Alt + 95252 = ¶
Alt  + 65454 = «
Alt + 21232 = ≡
Alt + 95236 = ♦

Try typing random numbers to have fun.

You may aswell take a look at the ]]>Full list of symbol codes]]>


For Microsoft Word Users

1.Go to Insert tab.

2. Click Symbol -> More Symbols...

3. Pick on the symbol you want to insert.

Then you can select which ever symbol there for they are many.



How to clean keyboard
Post date: Wed, 01/27/2016 - 03:32

Looked at your keyboard lately? This tutorial will help you get your keyboard looking new again.

Now, keyboards can’t exactly get washed or wet, So how does one safly clean it?

There are several way of cleaning your Keyboard however in this tutorial, i'll just recommend for you to use a Gadget Cleasers.

Cleaning gadgets is also important at the same time it helps to run your gadgets comfortably, there are lot of simplest ways available to clean, and you no need to spend much money to clean your gadgets. Compressed air is one of the most important ways to clean your gadgets, it help to protect your gadget from lint, dust as well as dirt, lint, even it is the best way to  protect your important gadgets from the disgusting debris.

Compressed Air:

Compressed air easily removes dust particles from your keyboard. In order to clean your keyboard you can prefer compressed air, it is highly useful to remove nasty dust by the way you can protect your electronics.

Microfiber Wipe:

Microfiber wipe is always ideal to clean your cell phones; it is the greatest way to clean your mobile with without touch. In general users are continuously transferring bacteria to their mobile phone.  In order to control the bacteria growth you can consider the microfiber cloth, it is hundred percentages safest way to keep bacteria away. Microfiber cloths highly beneficial as well as it is the best cleaning option to maintain your computer, remotes, TV, set of boxes as well as tablets.

Fine Brush / Toothbrush:

In order to clean your gadgets you no need to spend money because you can easily clean your gadget with the help of fine brush even you can also use tooth brush to clean the gadgets with the help of compressed air. It is the effective way to remove all the particles.

Magic Eraser:

Magic Erasers are highly effective as well as it is the great option for cleaning, it is the ideal product to clean your gadgets gently, at the same time it does not create any scratches, so you no need to worry about any issues.  By using this you can gently rub your device in the circular motion, it is the most effective way to achieve best results.

 Toothpicks, Pipe Cleaners &Q Tips:

In order to clean small holes as well as ports consider using the mentioned items with compressed air. It is the useful option to clean ports. Moreover it helps to charge your mobiles properly.  While cleaning your gadgets you can use isopropyl alcohol which helps to maintain your gadgets in the proper manner.

Lint Roller:

Lint roller is the ideal choices to clean your speaker, in order to clean your speaker you may consider the soft cover.  The lint roller over help to pick up nasty particles as well as hair from your gadget, by using this method you can protect your gadget from dust and other particles.

These are the effective cleaning products so you may consider these products to maintain all your gadgets in the perfect manner, for this you no need to spend much time and money, for more details about this cleaning product consider the official web portal



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